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Aims and Objectives

The central aims of the phase 3 project are:

  • to develop the geo-spatial portal to a point where it is suitable for roll out as a full service;
  • promote the possibilities of a fully functioning service to potential users;
  • to trial the service such that issues relating to performance and usability may be measured;
  • promote within the HE and FE communities the benefits of the ability to process material at a geographical level.

The key objectives are to:

  • continue to develop and enhance the service in preparation for service launch which will include:
    • linking in two existing Z-targets provided by two geo-spatial data service providers within the JISC IE to form the basis of the Geo-data Network. The targets will be the ADS catalogue and the Data Archive catalogue;
    • addition of user profiling;
    • improvements in the spatial searching of directory services, remote databases and resource nodes;
    • development of a facility (the 'Geo-Locator') similar to RDN-I that would allow the Geo-data Network to be searchable via the Gateway from other Portals;
    • identification of new developments and enhancements to the portal.

  • trial service with 6 institutions supported by an on-going programme of evaluation;
  • undertake a study to investigate a cost-effective way of distributing geo-spatial data held by individuals, research teams and departments;
  • promote the possibilities of a service through demonstrations at conferences and general awareness raising;
  • continue to develop relationships with relevant initiatives in geo-spatial searching, specifically the NGDF and the RDN Geography and Environment Hub.

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