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The key outcomes of the project will be:

  • A scalable portal suitable for roll out to full service.

Outreach and evaluation activities will include a trail of Go-Geo! which will start on November 1 2003. The portal will be available to all academics and will be evaluated by 6 institutions. Outputs from the outreach and evaluation will include:

  • website, mailing list and other promotional materials;
  • presentations at relevant conferences etc;
  • evaluation report and findings from user trial;
  • feedback to developers to inform the design of the service;
  • a document setting out findings from operational problems raised during trial and findings from performance testing.

Technical developments to be undertaken by EDINA will include:

  • cross searching of at least two remote database containing geo-spatial metadata records;
  • enhancements to the service;
  • provision of a report on possible future developments and enhancements to the portal.

This third phase of the project will also include a data distribution study which will investigate the use of peer to peer, self archiving and traditional archiving. This study will be undertaken in conjunction with City University and will produce:

  • a report setting out user requirements, comparison of technical options and recommendations including costs.

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